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Endless Exercise Pool Tel: 01536 420400
exercise pool, endless pool, fastlane, dolphin sport aquajet counter current unit

So you would love to be able to swim at home but have neither the space or budget for a full sized swimming pool. Here is your perfect solution - a compact pool fitted with a counter current unit that generates a current for you to swim against. You basically swim in the same place, there is no need for turning. Our pool options are equally suited to indoors or outdoors and we also offer enclosed pool packages. Most of our pools come in kit form meaning we can install the pools easily, even if access is limited. We offer self build kits or we can install the pool for you. With a choice of sizes, build options, counter current options and heating options, we are sure we have the perfect solution for virtually any given situation. Combine all this with outstanding value for money prices and you can see how one of our Endless Exercise Pools makes perfect sense. Take a look at our most popular options below.

dolphin sport pool with endless pools fastlane

Dolphin Sport with Endless Pools Fastlane Counter Current

Premium Exercise with Badu Jet, AquaJet & X-Stream Counter Current

Enclosed Exercise Pools

exercise pools in pool enclosures plastica premium exercise pool

For details of our Dolphin Sport options with Fastlane Counter Current - Click Here

Click Here for Dolphin Sport options Click Here for Premium Exercise Pool options Click Here for Enclosed Exercise Pools

For details of our Premium Exercise options with Badu or AquaJet Counter Current - Click Here

For details of our Enclosed Exercise Pools - Click Here

More Swimming Pool Options

If you would like to consider other swimming pool options why not visit our main website at www.PanachePools.com. We design, build and install swimming pools of all shapes and sizes, in a variety of construction methods. We also supply and install hot tubs, saunas plus pool and hot tub enclosures. We also provide a full maintenance and repair service as well as selling a full range of swimming pool and hot tub chemicals, supplies, equipment and accessories. We are based in Northamptonshire, at the largest swimming pool and hot tub show site in the area. We have pools, hot tubs, sauna cabins and pool enclosures on display, along with a shop selling chemicals, equipment and accessories. You can find us here.

Endless Pools Fastlane Counter Current

Badu Jet Counter Current Units

For details of our Endless Pools Fastlane Counter Current - Click Here

Click Here for the Fastlane Click Here for Badu Jet Options

For details of our Badu Jet Counter Current Units - Click Here

endless pools fastlane unit

Endless exercise pools from Panache Pools. Exercise pools with endless exercise pool fastlane, badu jet and aquajet counter current options. Bespoke and Enclosed exercise pools. Self build pools. Self build pool kits. Swim Spas.

endless pools fastlane counter current

Swim Spas

Click Here for Swim Spa details

For details of our Swim Spas - Click Here

Swim Spas Want to swim at home but have limited space and budget? No problem, we have the solution…Take a look at our Exercise Pools and Swim Spas - endless swimming at sensible prices.

Updated 18/12/18